Club of young masters of artistic speech and young poets “Zhas kalam” – Марат Оспанов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан медицина университеті

Club of young masters of artistic speech and young poets “Zhas kalam”

Since the 2011 academic year, she has been working under the guidance of a specialist of the Department of Youth Affairs Bakhyt Kobekovna Konakbaeva. The club of young art lovers and young poets” Zhas Kalam ” has more than 50 active students. Student head of the club Aitmuratov Zamanbek. The club of masters of artistic expression and young poets” Zhas Kalam ” consists of students who are passionate about the poetry of our university. In the world of poetry, the club of young poets and masters of artistic expression” Zhas kalam ” is annually replenished with winners of various competitions at the city, regional and national levels.

The purpose of the club is to create a spiritual and literary environment among students, to introduce the creativity of talented young people who write poetry and art.

Development of leadership skills, Public Speaking skills, and intelligence among young people;

Club objectives:

Formation of a talented individual by involving students in national, regional, and City competitions and poetry contests.

Development of creative abilities of young people, expansion of Horizons, increasing interest in fiction through the organization of meetings with poets and writers, round tables, etc.;

Publication of creative works of students on the pages of publications.

conducting creative work, teaching search through the assignment of systematic tasks.

Improving the spiritual, moral, patriotic qualities of students through the works of great Kazakh poets and writers;

Identification and creative support of talented young people;

Increase the spiritual potential of young people.