Scientific and Practical Center – Марат Оспанов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан медицина университеті

Scientific and Practical Center

In 1967, the Central Experimental Laboratory (CEL) was founded in Aktobe State Medical Institute, headed by Yuri Nikolaevich Karlenko.

In 1975, c.m.s., Associate Professor Azhayev Sovet Azhayev was appointed as head of CEL.

In 1980, Central Scientific Research Laboratory (CSRL) was opened. In CSRL there were 4 scientific groups – immunological, pathomorphological and biochemical, radioisotope and scientific. More than 250 employees of various departments conducted scientific research.

In 1976-1999, CEL was headed by c.m.s., associate Professor Tleukhan Begalievich Begalin (now Associate Professor of the Department of Epidemiology).

From 1980 to 1984, the staff of CSRL and the faculty of the University carried out scientific research on the topic: “Recommendations on the preservation and promotion of health of the population of Aktobe Oblast exposed to environmental pollution by chromium and its compounds.”

In the 80-90-ies the research team of the University were concentrated on the solution of the leading problem “Scientific fundamentals of occupational health and occupational diseases”.

In 1999, the CSRL was headed by c.m.s. Serik Zhumabayevich Sakhiev (now Professor of the Department of Surgery).

In 1999- 2000, c.m.s. Nazhimov Bolat Samievich was head of CSRL.

In 2000-2003, the branch state scientific and technical program “Development of methods for correcting the insufficiency of various organs and systems with the help of fetal therapy” was carried out.

In 2000-2008, c.m.s., Galina Nikolaevna Chukanova was the head of CSRL (now Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacology).

In January 2006, CSRL was reorganized into the Scientific Center (SC), and in November 2008 , it was reorganized into the Scientific and Practical Center (SPC).

In 2008 -2013, head of the Scientific and Practical Center (SPC) was c.m.s., Associate Professor Kozy Myrzahanovich Kibatayev (now Associate Professor of Visual Diagnostics Department).

Since February 2013, head of SPC is d.m.s., Associate Professor Svetlana Kaliullaevna Sakhanova.

Since 2013, the employees of SPC participate in the implementation of scientific and technical programs.

SPC has scientific laboratories – molecular-genetic, sanitary and hygienic, laboratory of molecular biology and laboratory of cell.

The molecular-genetic laboratory performs the study of genetic markers associated with the risk of diseases, prognosis, therapy and determination of the effectiveness of the used medicinal substances, identification of existing infectious or viral diseases.

The sanitary and hygienic laboratory carries out laboratory and instrumental measurements and analysis of physical and chemical factors of the environment and biological environment.

Laboratory of Molecular Biology conducts molecular-biological research (protein, RNA, DNA) using modern technologies.

Laboratory of cells explores cellular structures using modern methods (Aklides, flow cytometry, etc.).

The objectives of scientific laboratories are to conduct research work on the development and improvement of models of pathological conditions, methods for their diagnosis and treatment, as well as work on programs financed by MH / MES RK and through extrabudgetary funds.

Senior Researcher Berdgaleeva А.К.
and Laboratory assistant Sagynbayeva B.

Researcher Muldykeshova А.Zh. and
Junior Researcher Izdenova N.R.

Senior Researcher Zavalennaya O.V.,
Leading Researcher Sakhanova S.K. and
Laboratory assistant Batyrova S.M.

Senior Researcher Syrlybayeva L.М.
and Researcher Smagulova D.B.

Head Vivarium Kusanova E.I.
and workers Zhumagazina G.

Systems coordinator Otesh I.K.

In SPC, a vivarium (various types of laboratory animals necessary for conducting research work of the staff, undergraduates, doctoral students, students) is functioning. Anna Afanasyevna Abramchenko, Henrieta Georgievna Milbert, Medieva G., A.Erekesheva, N.Tleubergenova, T.A. Makhambetova made a great contribution to providing the scientific process with various kinds of experimental animals.

In 2001-2013, the vivarium was headed by Marzhan Myrzabaevna Berdybekova (now a pensioner). Since October 2013, the vivarium is headed by Elena Ivanovna Kusanova. Care of the animals is performed by workers Zhumagazina G.

Scientific and Practical Center

Aktobe, Mareseva, str., 74

Tel. 8 (7132) 54-41-24

Head of scientific and practical center

Doctor of Medical Sciences, ass. Professor

Svetlana Kaliullaevna Sakhanova


Senior Researcher of molecular-genetic laboratory

Oksana Vladimirovna Zavalennaya

Senior Researcher of molecular-genetic laboratory

Candidate  of  Biology Sciences, ass. Professor

Aiman Kazhigaleevna Berdgaleeva

Researcher of sanitary and hygienic


Aliya Zhusupovna Muldykesheva

Junior Researcher of sanitary and hygienic


Nazgul Ramazanovna Izdenova

Junior Researcher of cell laboratory

Perizat Zhaksybaykyzy Aitmaganbet

Junior Researcher of cell laboratory

Nargiz Narimanovna Nariman

Senior researcher of Molecular Biology Laboratory

Lyazzat Maksatovna Syrlybayeva

Researcher of Molecular Biology Laboratory

Daniya Bauyrzhankyzy Smagulova

Head Vivarium

Elena Ivanovna Kusanova