About the Library – Марат Оспанов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан медицина университеті

About the Library

Scientific Medical Library of the West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Marat Ospanov

The organization of library of the Aktyubinsk state medical institute began in 1957 from the moment of stanovleniye of all subdividings of institute. Nina Nikolaevna Devyatova and Zoya Amirzhanovna Kinzhegulova were the first employees.By the beginning of the first academic year the book fund of library made some tens of thousands of textbooks, manuals, monographs which arrived from funds of libraries of the leading medical educational institutions of the Soviet Union: from 1 and 2 Moscow, Kharkiv, Perm, 1-Leningrad medical institutes, from libraries of Naval academy of Moscow and research and development laboratory in case of the Mausoleum of V. I. Lenin, etc. In the period of a manual of library of Epishkina Lidiya Ivanovna (1961-1972) who arrived from the Kharkiv library institute, work noticeably was sped up. She aimed to bring system of service in library to the level of the Moscow and Leningrad libraries. At this time also the main composition of employees of library was created: Trifonova V. I., Boradulina A. I., Yatsuk G. P., etc. It was carried, huge operation on addition of book fund, files, object and systematic directories are created, it is reorganized, the alphabetical catalog. The book fund was completed taking into account educational and scientific programs of institute, operation on use of MBA (the interlibrary subscription) was accurately adjusted.During the period 1961-1972g.g. the fund of library made about 280 thousand copies of books. These years the staff of library increased, new qualified personnel came to it: Isheeva B. P., Tanibergenov S. S., Goncharov G. I., Potyakina E. I., Gagokina Z. F., Merzlikina A. I., Kabysheva L. A., Brokop A. P., Khabibulina Z. G., Jonas M. M., Lazarev L.N., Sattarova K. Sh., etc.For the purpose of education of students in library reader’s conferences, literary soirees, viewings of movies with their subsequent discussion were held. To scientific conferences and significant dates book exhibitions were always organized.In 1972 — 1994g.g. Zaynullina D. G. directed library. These years send Pavlenko E. I. to library., Izimova N. I., Tutkusheva K. S., Turmagambetova G., Temirbayev S. S., Hayrikenov K. D., Tyurezhanova G. A., Tailbekova Sh. E., Tazhimbetova Sh. B., Amanzhurov K. K, etc.Since 2005 till present the principal of library — Tyurezhanova G. A. Kollektiv of library was replenished by young specialists of library science: Kryazhova I. I., Bishenova U. Zh., Kirilchuk O. And, Zhaylyauova G. T., Enaleeva R. H., Syrbova L. A., etc.Now the modern material and technical resources of library allow to organize specialized reading rooms for operation with electronic resources. To services of teachers and students — 5 subscriptions, 4 reading rooms, the hall for operation with electronic resources with Internet access. For independent operation of teachers and students the library of university gives an operation opportunity with the remote databases and electronic libraries: EBS “Consultant of the Doctor”, “Student’s Consultant”, EBSCO, “Kokranovsky library”, “Paragraph”, etc. Today to services of users of library more than 20 full-text databases. The document electronic delivery service is implemented.The reference and bibliographic device is represented by object, systematic, alphabetic and electronic directories. Scientific document handling is carried on the universal decimal classification (UDC) and unabridged 4th edition “Medical headings. Medical object headings. Russian version of Tezaures”. The created on the basis of the automated library information system IRBIS-64, electronic directory includes bibliographic databases of “Book”, “Knigoobespechennost Educational Process”, “Article”, “Documents in a State Language”, “Documents in Foreign Languages”, “E-book readers”. Formation of full-text electronic library “Scientific Works of Employees” is carried. Activities of library are directed to improving of information support of the new directions of development of medical education, science and health care. Performing the functions, the library saves the best traditions. Adding their new forms of operation, aims at high-quality growth.In 2017, a new reading room and library were opened in the conference hall named after Akkagaz Doszhanova, with a new format of library services for students and faculty, self-service points work, opened access to the fund, etc. The Teacher’s office web service was introduced.In the reading room there are rooms for independent and group work, as well as individual teaching of foreign languages, there is the necessary educational and scientific literatures, self-instruction manuals and dictionaries.October 22-25, 2019 – for the first time in Kazakhstan, the IV Biblioforum, the XI International Scientific and Practical Conference “Information Technologies in Medical Libraries” was held on the basis of the Scientific Medical Library of the West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Marat Ospanov co-organizers with “Siberian State Medical University” (Tomsk). The main topic of the conference is “Defining the role and place of medical libraries in the context of “digitalization”: new challenges. Directions of the conference: International cooperation of medical libraries. Tools for managing learning activities. Library services: virtual and real. Accreditation in higher education institutions: ” boiling points»The forum participants were employees of scientific libraries of medical universities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Czech Republic, and Poland. The following cities were represented: Moscow, Tomsk, Kursk, Prague, Vladivostok, Warsaw, Tashkent, Shymkent, Almaty, Voronezh, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Astana, Uralsk.To solve the main tasks, the university library cooperates with the Association of University Libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the International Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies (EBNIT)and since 2020 is a full member of the Association of Medical Libraries of the CIS.