«Ruhani zhangyru» – is a real landmark – Марат Оспанов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан медицина университеті

«Ruhani zhangyru» – is a real landmark

Within the framework of the program at the West Kazakhstan Medical University. M. Ospanova published the program article of the head of State N. Nazarbayev “looking to the future: modernization of public consciousness”, on the basis of which a special program was adopted three years ago.

The main goal of the Ruhani zhangyru program is to further develop our consciousness, national traditions, and national values. It is an initiative that leads to global innovation, not forgetting our national values. Education of an intelligent and intelligent person with a developed attitude to modern society. The most important thing is to create a sense of love for the motherland and native country among the younger generation.

The main principle in the education of young people is to give them the opportunity to control themselves, to feel freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, to take into account their positions.The head of state drew attention to the role of national consciousness in the modernization of public consciousness and outlined a number of tasks. The program consists of 6 directions.– «competitiveness»– «pragmatism»– «preservation of national identity»– «the triumph of knowledge»– «evolutionary, not revolutionary development of Kazakhstan»»– «openness of consciousness»

In order to implement the program, the educational institution is working within the framework of the following special projects:1. «Native Land»2. «100 new faces»3. «100 new textbooks»4. «great names of the Great Steppe»5. «economy is the power of society»6. «traditions and Customs»7. «legal culture»

The teaching staff of our university, departments, Deans, curators and departments hold events and meetings, educational hours.