Vocal and instrumental ensemble “Meloman” – Марат Оспанов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан медицина университеті

Vocal and instrumental ensemble “Meloman”

The vocal and instrumental ensemble “Melomen” of the West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Marat Ospanov (hereinafter – VIA) is a voluntary creative Association of students of the University, which coordinates the development of musical, instrumental, vocal skills, instrumental and performing work, carries out joint cultural and leisure activities.

VIA is designed to identify and develop students ‘ musical abilities and performing abilities.

VIA participants are students who have expressed a desire to develop their creative potential.

VIA participants take an active part in all cultural events of the university, competitions of various levels.

Goals: formation of general competencies of students aimed at developing the ability to make decisions and be responsible for them;

– Aesthetic education of students, formation and improvement of artistic taste, education of a creative personality, formation of a performing culture based on a holistic understanding of instrumental art and performance.


– Education of a spiritual, moral and creative personality;

– Creating conditions for the realization of students ‘ creative potential, preservation and development of moral, cultural and creative traditions of university students;

– Acquisition of knowledge and skills in the genre of vocal and performing art by students participating in VIA;

– Introduction of young people to musical culture, formation of musical taste for modern and classical works;

– Consolidation of the student team, support of the spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance in the process of creative implementation;

– Demonstration of creative abilities of university students.