Center of Practical Skills – Марат Оспанов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан медицина университеті

Center of Practical Skills

The Practical Skills Center (PSC) – was organized in 2007 in accordance with the concept of reforming medical and pharmaceutical education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the center was to organize a safe educational environment for teaching practical skills and training medical personnel using simulation teaching methods, using mannequins, models, dummies, virtual models, interactive training computer programs in teaching skills.

Currently, the PSC is located on the 2nd floor of SLK № 2 of the University. The total area of the center is 690 Esq. The structure of the center consists of 27 rooms, of which 17 classrooms are deployed for the educational process; 10 for auxiliary purposes.

The activities of the PSC are aimed at providing an appropriate educational environment for the development of practical skills, reproducing the clinical situation, assessing the practical skills of students, developing the skills of independent and purposeful self-study of students, standardizing the learning conditions and evaluation.

Simulation wards are organized for the educational process in the main clinical areas – therapy, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency care, general medical practice, nursing. A video surveillance system is installed, rooms for debriefing are organized.

The PSC is equipped with simulation equipment that allows you to work out both individual stages of practical skills and teamwork skills, providing comprehensive medical care. To do this, there are high-tech robots in the arsenal-simulators ISTAN, BabySIM, PediSIM, a computer system of childbirth Virtuel. There are virtual endovideosurgical simulators “LapSim”, “Lapmentor”, laparoscopic surgery simulator “Grossmit”.

In the educational process, a “Virtual patient”Botkin” is used to study internal diseases. The program includes a block of lectures and video materials. The practical part is presented in the form of a digital patient, which is realistically reproduced by means of three-dimensional graphics. You can examine him, ask clarifying questions, send him for research and analysis, make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment. The program has 53 basic scenarios and automatic inspection scenarios.

The program is designed for in-depth study of the disciplines “Propaedeutics of internal diseases”, “Internal diseases”, specialty “General medical practice”, training of practitioners of therapeutic profile.


On the basis of the PSC, boundary and final attestations of students are conducted using the OSCE methodology with the involvement of standardized patients.

The PSC carries out its work under the direct supervision of the Vice-Rector for Educational and Educational Work. The staff includes ahead of the center, a trainer, a specialist, a system engineer, a medical equipment maintenance engineer and office managers. Currently, the head of the PSC is c.m.s. Kairat Bulatovich Kurmangaliev.

The staff of the PSC is engaged in research work, with the help of 3D printers, the manufacture of splints for immobilization, various models for use in the educational process has been established.