Department of Academic Work

The Department of academic work is a structural division of the University which carries out long-term, current planning and coordination of the educational process.

The purpose of the Department is to organize and coordinate educational and methodological support of the University educational process.

Main tasks of the Department: 

planning, organization and coordination of the educational process; 

methodological support of the educational process in accordance with the requirements of the state compulsory educational system of specialties and regulatory documents on the organization of the educational process;

coordination of activities of substructural units;

monitoring the quality of the educational process with the development of specific proposals for its further improvement;  

developing of recommendations for long-term development plans of the University;

maintaining statistical reporting on the contingent of students.

Alekenova Nurgul Umirbekovna
Head of Academic Department, PhD

Contact details:


68 Maresyev street, main building, office 402

Tel. 57-91-90Email address: