Quality Management System Service

In fulfilling the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 882 dated December 11, 2003 “On development and introduction of quality management service at the higher professional education institutions”, Education Quality Monitoring department was organized by the order of the University Rector No 12 dated January 18, 2005.

In connection with the development, introduction and arrangement of quality management service by the order of the University Rector No. 584 dated December 25, 2005 Education Quality Monitoring Department was transformed into Quality Service. Quality Service was renamed into the Quality Management System by the order of the Rector No. 12/4-1-17/489 O/D dated August 18, 2017.

The department of quality management system was renamed to the service of quality management system by the decision of the Board of Directors of West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University dated 06.02.2023year.

Quality Management System Service staff:

  1. Yermukhanbetova Nurzhiyan Dalenovna – Head of the Department
  2. Shanbai Altynai Zhumabaikyzy – specialist
  3. Kubekova Gulnara Urazgaliyevna – specialist
  4. Ametova Dina Usmanovna – specialist

Functions of the Quality Management System Service

Functions of the Quality Management Service Department are determined on the basis of IS ISO 9001-2015 recommendations:

– organization of Quality Management System Department staff specialization;

– development of policy and objectives in the field of quality;

– providing information concerning the sphere of quality to every employee;

– providing the maintenance of management system in accordance with the requirements of IS ISO 9001:2015;

– selection of internal auditors considering the requirements of the IS ISO 19011 standards and organization of their training;

  • organization and control of internal audits of the QMS;

– revealing the contradictions in the work of the structural subdivisions of the university in accordance with PRO WKSMU 802-22;

– working out of correcting actions in accordance with PRO WKSMU 803-22:

– analysis of interactions of quality service management system processes and development of suggestions on their improvement;

– organization of development, sequence, affirmation and distribution of the issues of quality management system documents;

– monitoring of notes conduction in the structural subdivisions of the university;

– control of the nonconforming product management process;

– control of corrective actions;

– maintaining communication with external organizations on certification of the quality management system;

– organization of self-assessment in preparation for the institutional accreditation of the university and specialized accreditation of educational programs (EP);

– organization of post-accreditation monitoring of the activities of the university and EP;

– organization of the rating of the university in the areas and levels of training of specialists.