Folk collective of the dance ensemble “ZhasStar” – Марат Оспанов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан медицина университеті

Folk collective of the dance ensemble “ZhasStar”

Ensemble director: Seitzhanova Gaukhar Maralovna, tel: 87479933643

Ensemble leader: Askarova Aigerim, tel: 87477394922

Soloist: Islamberdieva Galia, tel: 87003621902

@zkmu_bkmu, @show_ballet_zhasstar_aktobe, @zkmu_jastary

“ZhasStar” Folk Dance Ensemble team began his artistic career in 2006 Gaukhar Maralovna Seitzhanova has been the head of the team since 2008.

The folk collective of the dance ensemble “ZhasStar” has become a real school of aesthetic education for the students of our university. The students were introduced to the art, beauty and unforgettable origins of dance. The team consists of a basic and a beginner group, the members of the main team follows the success of the newcomers, who at the beginning of the school year passed the casting at the “Circle Fair” organized by the youth affairs department. Joint trips and concerts, rehearsals and performances made our dancers a team of close people, like-minded people. The repertoire of the ZhasStar dance ensemble includes about 60 dances: folk, stylized, classical, pop, modern, etc.

During the lessons, not only painstaking work is carried out with each member of the team to work out the movements, but also great attention is paid to the coherence of the performed choreographic number. “ZhasStar” Folk Dance Ensemble team takes an active part in all the activities of the University, as well as holiday programs of regional and urban scale. The creative maturity of the team, their professionalism, self-exactingness, high artistic taste of the director did their job: “ZhasStar” is a laureate and diploma winner of various competitions, shows, festivals of city, regional, republican and international levels. In the list of victories: the regional festival-competition “Zhas Dauren-2007”, the regional festival-competition “Zhas Dauren-2009”, the city competition “Zhas Daryn-2010”, the city competition-festival “Orleu-2010”, the city competition-festival “Daryn -2013 “, II republican competition-festival” Constellation of talents-2013 “, republican festival competition” Salem Astana-2014″, international festival competition of creativity “Grace-2015″ Astana, international festival-competition” Starry hour of talents of Kazakhstan-2016 “Astana, international competition” SalemQazaqstan-2017″, Karaganda.

For the first time on behalf of our university in the international competition for choreography “Bi Tolgynynda -2018” in Aktobe, foreign students performed as part of the dance ensemble “ZhasStar”. In this competition the dance ensemble “ZhasStar” was recognized as the absolute winner of the competition and awarded the “Grand Prix” in all three nominations. Also, our ensemble became a laureate of 1 and 2 degrees in the international student project “StudentFest-2018” in Aktobe, Laureates of 1 degree at the first open folk dance competition “Ulttyq Biim Elge Syiym” -2019, Laureates of 1,2,2 degrees of international dance creativity “BE YOU”, Almaty, 2019, are prize-winners of two 1-places in the international competition of choreography “Dance premium KZ”, the city of Nur-Sultan 2019.

As a result of continuous research and preparation, we have reached the long-awaited height. In accordance with the protocol number 17 of 31 May 2019 on awarding the title of “People” (exemplary) amateur groups, approved by order of the Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 28, 2007 №93 “On approval of assignment rules for the title of” People “(exemplary) to amateur art groups, by order of the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 5, 2019 No. 192, the dance ensemble “ZhasStar” was awarded the title “People’s”.

Folk ensemble group “ZhasStar” dance – a strong, bright, young, energetic team, which is in good choreographic form that gives reason to believe in their creative longevity.