Trade Union Committee

The trade union committee of the university has been functioning since the foundation of the institute, and has always been an active component not only of the university, but also of the health workers of the city and the region.
The trade union of the university includes trade union employees and trade union students, who, together with the administration, contribute to the social security of teaching staff and university students.
The practice of the trade union committee includes such forms of social protection as the conclusion of a collective employment agreement with the administration on the conditions of faculty work, employees of departments and services, rendering welfare assistance, encouraging employees for long-term conscientious work. In addition, the trade union committee assists university employees in paying for trips to sanatoriums and rest homes, in purchasing special food, etc.
The daily work of the committee includes the care of the health of employees. Preventive medical examinations of employees and students are annually organized. The trade union committee takes an active part in the commemoration of veterans of war and labor, jubilees, organization of festive events.
A significant contribution to the work of the university’s trade union committee was made by the Associate Professor of the Department of Biology, S.N. Gordin (1957-1959), head of the Department of Forensic Medicine I.S. Zimnik (1960-1962), senior teacher of the Russian Language Department L.A.Polyakova (1963), Assistant Professor of the Department of General Hygiene, V.I. Yurchenko (1964), head of the Department of Skin Diseases S.G.Kozbagarov (1968-1973), Head of the Department of Normal Physiology A.A.Utepbergenov (1970-1971), Associate Professor of the Department of Biochemistry L.I.Voitovich (1973-1978), Associate Professor of the Department of Biophysics A.G. Logvinenko (1978-1982), senior teacher of the Department of Foreign Languages N.R. Malinovskaya (1982-1995), Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacology L.K. Kazhanova (1995-2000), Associate Professor of the Department of Oncology V.I. Polyakov (2000-2002), Assistant of the Department of Hospital Surgery U.G. Karsakbaev (2003), Associate Professor of the Department of Normal Physiology О.V. Kiyok (2004-2005), Associate Professor of the Department of Normal Anatomy L.I. Ivanova (2006-2007), head of the laboratory of the Medical Center K.I. Kubenova (2008-2011). All of them, being chairmen of the trade union committee, actively engaged in trade union work.
Now, Gauhar Akkonsovna Moldina heads the trade union of employees of the medical university (since 2011).
Every year, all students and employees in need receive financial assistance from the means of the trade union budget. Such assistance is also provided to non-working staff of the university, veterans and pensioners. In accordance with the current legislation, with the assistance of the trade union, university employees working in harmful labor conditions receive special food, extra wages. Every year, employees undergo preventive medical examinations, which are conducted by highly qualified specialists using modern diagnostic equipment. The university funds sanatorium treatment of employees and students. The trade union of the University employees annually organizes rest and sanitation of the children of the University employees, partially paying for permits.
The head trade union committee of students is Zhangeldy Shaimbetov.
At trade union meetings and conferences, strategic and current issues of social protection of employees and students are being addressed.
The scope of activity of the student trade union committee includes solving the problems of settling students in dormitories, organizing and holding an annual university charity ball, rest parties for students, New Year and other festive events, distribution of vouchers to sanatoriums and dispensaries, holding sports events, promotions for the Day Protection of children, days of mercy in homes for the elderly and disabled and other.