Dean’s office of the General Medicine – Марат Оспанов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан медицина университеті

Dean’s office of the General Medicine

Talgar Abilov – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine.

Abilov entered the medical faculty of the Aktobe Medical Institute in 1994, and in 2000, after graduating from the institute, he completed an internship in the specialty “Obstetrician-gynecologist”. He began his career in 2001 as a teacher at the Department of Microbiology. In 2006, he successfully defended his thesis and was awarded the academic degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences. Since 2003, he taught at the department and was also an assistant to the rector of the West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical Academy.

In 2008, T. Abilov was appointed deputy dean of the Faculty of General Medicine, and since 2011, dean of the faculty. In 2017-2019, he worked as vice-rector for educational work at West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University. From 2019 to the present, he has been working as the dean of the Faculty of General Medicine.

Abilov continuously improves his qualification level. He completed an advanced training course in the specialty “Management in Medical Education” (2015), retraining in the specialty “Management in Healthcare” (2017), “Leadership Development Program for Public Health Institutions” (2017) at Nazarbayev University, advanced training at Duke University School of Medicine, USA (2017) under the program “Leadership Development and Management Training”.

In 2010, he was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan “For merits in the field of medical education”, and in 2015 – the badge “KR Densaulyk saktau isinin uzdigi”.


Aigul Kupenova – Master of Arts, deputy dean

Bekbolsyn Srazh – Master of Environmental Sciences, deputy dean

Zhuldyz Aibasova – Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor, deputy dean

Zhainagul Koshkarbaeva – specialist

Botagoz Abasheva – Master of Philological Sciences, specialist

History of creation

By the decree of the Higher Education Ministry of the USSR in 1957, the medical faculty of the Aktobe State Medical Institute was opened. Over the years, the deans of the faculty worked: A.P. Sorokin (1957-1960), L.N. Zhelvakov (1960-1961), M.A. Dudchenko (1961-1962), B.S. Gudimov (1962), M.A. Dudchenko (1962-1966), S.G. Kozbagarov (1966-1967), Kh.E. Mamanov (1967-1969), Zh.M. Sidzhanov (1969-1975), O. N. Turebaev (1975-1985), M.K. Iztleuov (1986-1995), V.G. Fedorenko (1995-1998), Zh.D. Zhumagazin (1998), Zh.A. Moldashev (1999), K.A. Akhmetov (2000-2005), T.A. Adaibaev (2005-2013).

In 2007, the Faculty of General Medicine was opened on the basis of the Medical faculty. Since September 2011, Candidate of Medical Sciences Talgar Abilov was appointed dean of the Faculty of General medicine. In 2017-2019, the faculty was headed by Candidate of Medical Sciences S.B. Rakhmanov and Talgar Abilov became vice-rector for Educational work. Since 2019, Talgar Abilov has been working as the dean of the faculty.

In 1957, the first students began to be admitted to the faculty (213 students), and since then the number of students has been increasing from year to year. Currently, 2502 students are studying at the faculty.

Starting from the 2022-2023 academic year, students began to be re-admitted to the educational program “Pediatrics”. Currently, 122 students are studying at the Faculty of Pediatrics.


Training of personnel based on the trinity of education, science and clinic, capable of thinking critically and solving assigned problems in the field of medical science and practice.


The activity of the faculty is to develop a strategy for the development of the faculty, strengthen and develop external relations with employers and educational authorities, develop and improve educational programs together with structural divisions and chairs of the university, monitor the organization and progress of academic work, analyze the results of examination sessions, develop proposals to improve the organization of the educational process and improve the quality of training. Together with the heads of chairs, the faculty selects the staff of the teaching staff, ensuring the educational process at the faculty. The faculty is engaged in directing the work of the Faculty Council, monitoring the implementation of the faculty’s work plans, coordinating them with the University’s development plans. Organizes the preparation process and takes an active part in the accreditation of educational programs and post-accreditation monitoring. It conducts constant work on the organization of a summer school for the development of additional competencies of students, continuous analysis of the development of graduate competencies in the specialty in the context of courses and disciplines/modules.


The Faculty of General Medicine trains highly qualified specialists for healthcare in the Western region of Kazakhstan and domestic healthcare in general. The Faculty is the largest, most authoritative and structure-forming department of the University, which conducts extensive educational, scientific, methodological and practical work.

Currently, 2502 students from all regions of Kazakhstan are studying at the faculty. 977 students are studying under state educational grants, 605 students are studying under grants from regional akims, and 920 students are studying on a contract basis. Training is conducted in the state (2064 people) and Russian (438 people) languages.

The dean’s office of the Faculty of General Medicine includes the following departments:

♦ Department of Children’s Diseases №1 with Neonatology

♦ Department of Histology

♦ Department of Normal and Topographic Anatomy with Operative Surgery

♦ Department of General Medical Practice №1

♦ Department of Normal Physiology

♦ Department of Pathological Physiology

♦ Department of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine

♦ Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology

♦ Department of Pharmacology

♦ Department of Languages

♦ Department of Surgical Diseases №1

♦ Department of Internal Diseases №1

♦ Department of Pediatric Surgery

♦ Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology №1

♦ Department of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology

♦ Department of Evidence-Based Medicine and Scientific Management

♦ Department of Emergency Medical Care

♦ Department of Clinical Laboratory and Visual Diagnostics

The faculty is working on the development and implementation of new forms and methods of teaching in the educational process, methodological and information and library support for the educational process, which meets the requirements of state educational standards. Academic staff participate in scientific grant projects and provide assistance to practical healthcare in the region.

The faculty is represented in existing, publicly recognized rankings. In the institutional ranking of universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of “Healthcare and Social Security (Medicine)” educational programs, conducted through the “Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating” (IAAR), the educational program B086 – “General Medicine” took 1st place.

In 2022 in the ranking of educational programs of universities of the NCE RK “Atameken” the educational program B086 – “General Medicine” took 2nd place.

To support students, a sufficient material, technical and social base has been created. A flexible repayment schedule for tuition fees has been introduced for students on a contractual basis. Students can apply for personal Marat Ospanov and Akkagaz Doszhanova scholarships, and the “Volunteer Medic” scholarship. Incentives have been established for prizes at regional, republican and international competitions, championships, games, olympiads and tournaments.

Contact information

Aktobe, Maresyeva street, 68

WKMOMU, main building, 3rd floor, offices 301, 302, 303, 304

Contact phone: 8 (7132) 549196