Club «Zhas Kalam-young poets and masters of artistic reading» – Марат Оспанов атындағы Батыс Қазақстан медицина университеті

Club «Zhas Kalam-young poets and masters of artistic reading»

Head: Tasbolat Zhanerke Kairatovna

Contact phone number: +7 775 817 5072

Purpose: to honor the state language and raise the status of our native language. Popularization of the works of great Kazakh poets and writers. Support talented students.


  • Yerasyl Mergenov took the 2nd place in the regional competition “zhastyktyn zhalyndy zhyrlar”. Abdrazakov Madiyar, Aneshova Nazym-winners of letters of thanks;
  • Sadu Karimzhan-1st place in the intra-university essay contest “Kazakhstan in my dreams”. Aliya tnalieva – 3rd place;
  • Republican art competition “everything passes,eras, times” Mergenov Erasyl-the main prize;
  • Alina shumakaeva, Aida Samatovna-1st place;
  • at the regional competition of young written poets “Zhyr-my planet” Aneshova Nazym-won the 2nd place, Nurmukhanov Bekzhan, Chandybai Tlektes, Mergenov Erasyl – were awarded a letter of thanks;
  • Nurmukhanov Bekzhan took 3rd place in the Republican contest of public speaking “Dilmar”.

«Zhas Kalam»  Club of Young Poets